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Xuan Zhong Ji

Xuan Zhong Ji

By: 在渊工作室

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Although the soul and body of the dead have returned to reincarnation, all memories have evolved into strong beliefs that want to remain in the world.

Pangu divided the world and died, his body turned into mountains and rivers, his eyes were the sun and the moon, his breath was wind and rain, and his essence and blood were rivers and seas.

Nuwa created the world, fill the sky and hide the world, and bless the world.

Xuanyuan Huangdi angered the devil and killed the devil, leaving peace forever, and also planting the roots of evil.

Although the demon god Chi You died, his blood soaked the earth, causing the Cangling Realm's demon breath to overflow and disasters frequently occurred.

The three sages of Shangling abandon the clan disputes, eliminate demons and defend the way, sacrifice themselves for righteousness, and suppress the breath of demons for hundreds of years in exchange for Shenzhou Antai.

If one day passes away, what kind of mark will be left on the world?

The devil's breath is prosperous, disasters will come again, and the goodness of our hearts will teach peace in the world!

Xuan Zhong Ji
Hossam Galal

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