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Wind Fantasy: Legend of Destiny

Wind Fantasy: Legend of Destiny

By: Halo.Studio

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"Do you believe in miracles?"

Welcome to the world of fantasy! Here, you will board a steamship powered by alchemy, shuttle between towns with different customs on the mainland, and pursue the secrets of the original sin badge and the ultimate magic Felicedo. The fuse of the kingdom war, the reason for the goddess' disaster... will all be revealed in each story.

Gorgeous and magnificent halls of glory, deep dense forests, ever-frozen keel fields, and lava-flowing volcanic landforms will all become your battlefield. You need to give full play to the combat skills of your teammates, make use of the terrain height difference in the battle, plan the formation and position, give full play to the combat advantages of each type of arms, and the arrow tower mechanism, treasure box props, and weather conditions in the battlefield will become An important factor affecting the situation of the battle. Develop careful tactics and use them for a surprise attack!

On this continent, sunny and rainy day and night are alive and lively. On the eve of the battle, listen to a shower in Linjiang, fish at the dock to watch the sunset, and occasionally encounter a mysterious NPC to open a hidden branch. I believe you will find more fun.

The beauty of the world is magnificent, welcome home.


Humans, remember? It's the power of Phyllisto~~

F. The creation of wind color is the [illusory] memory of the winged tribe.

L. What is spiraling forward is the reincarnation [guidance] of the line of cause and effect.

S. The lost mark is the time sequence of the prowler [change].

D. Will the power of conviction come? Is the fate that finally travels through time and space? Is it the original sin? Or... a miracle?

You know, the methodology of creation is more than the conservative tower of wind sacrifice...

The taboo has been unblocked, and pity has become useless.

The only thing left is the unfinished wish to purify the world!

Do you ask whether the eternal destiny remains, or is a new legend born? Who knows.

Wind Fantasy: Legend of Destiny
Hossam Galal

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