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Wheel of war

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"Wheel of War" is a "sand table war strategy mobile game", the core is the multiplayer big map alliance battle showdown. Players are involved in the development of military and political affairs, strong alliances, and fierce battles with alliances as a unit. Limited resources have no fixed master, real-time offense and defense are changing rapidly! The magnificent sand table battlefield, the epic of the magic war is coming, the heroes gather to fight for the main, thousands of troops, strategy is king!

[Game Features]

※ [The first alliance round-robin mode, the strongest of all alliances is king] ※

Take the alliance as a unit, start a bloody war with the same map, innovate the cycle mode, and who can become the king of the strong.

※ [Hundreds of skills can be disassembled and assembled at will, and the tactics for developing heroes are changeable] ※

Hundreds of hero skills have their own strengths, and hero skills can be disassembled and matched at will, and tactics for different growth routes are changeable.

※ [Real-time offensive and defensive, rapidly changing, real-time display of the magnificent battlefield] ※

The same screen real-time offensive and defensive strategy wins, the battlefield information is changing rapidly, and the new technology instantly displays the magnificent battlefield.

※ [Magic War Epic Incoming Heroes gather to fight for the Lord] ※

The epic of the magnificent war, hundreds of heroes gathered on the battlefield, fighting for the alliance with their blood.

※ [Limited resources land without a fixed main sand table deduction for the siege strategy] ※

The enemy and the enemy are fighting for limited resources, and the unknown territory has no fixed master, and the siege strategy shows the charm of sand table warfare.

Wheel of war
Hossam Galal

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