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Elemental War

Elemental War

By: 米兔网络

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The tranquility of Bitlan Continent was broken, the Demon King Aredon came for the Heart of Elements, and the entire continent became fragmented. The warrior who hoped to save the continent and restore peace took up arms and embarked on an adventure. The warrior must gather the elemental heart fragments and summon the goddess in the temple, so as to drive the evil out of Bitran.

【How to play】

1. Possess various types of weapons, each with different combos;

2. Accumulate combat experience to improve your position and avoid attacks from high AI enemies;

3. Free combination of multiple skills, players decide their own battle strategy;

4. Add points through the talent tree to cultivate different fighting genres.


The art style of cartoon picture books

The plot runs through the entire game

Super high degree of freedom skill matching method

The right amount of maze map

A variety of weapons and equipment appearance

Elemental War
Hossam Galal

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