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Weapon Spectrum

Weapon Spectrum

By: 太极拳工作室

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This is a world of swords and shadows, this is a world of delight and enmity. As long as you are talented enough and proficient in the characteristics of weapons, then, a knife, a dart, even a leaf that is picked off at hand, will become a magic weapon in your hand and make your own name in the arena.

In Gu Long’s novels, Bai Xiaosheng compiled the weapon spectrum with his own wisdom, wisdom and talents, but because only theoretical factors were considered, and personal performance was not considered, the actual results were often biased. The lower rankings were Under various factors, it is better than the previous ones. The current weapon spectrum is more representative of real strength, including on-the-spot reaction, psychological quality, etc., strengths at all levels will be truthfully reflected in the new version of the weapon spectrum.

So, in the new version of the weapon spectrum, will there be you?

Weapon Spectrum
Hossam Galal

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