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The capital of tomorrow

The capital of tomorrow

By: 明日工作室

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"Tomorrow's City" is a mobile game with the background of the near-future world and the anthropomorphic theme of fantasy creatures.

Game features: (updated game mode description)

* TCG-like innovative card battles, semi-real-time turn-based strategy, endless fun and depth under easy operation (see the timing of the operation, the output explosion!!)

*ROUGLIKE push map gameplay, huge random event library, different choices will cause countless branches and branches (the choice is difficult again...)

*Near-future two-dimensional hard-core world view and plot system setting (add chicken legs to copywriting children’s boots~)

* A unique full dynamic skeleton battle show (wife can move!)

*Strongly invite first-line painters to create a fine feast (prprpr)

*The first-line CV of China and Japan is pre-installed, which perfectly matches the personality of the character (No Road Race X3)


In the super city called "New Tokyo", there are a large number of subhumans "made" by gene modulation technology.

Yaren has a powerful force and has provided great help for the development of the city. However, due to their natural animal appearance, they are not recognized and even restricted from being able to separate from the supervision of human beings and operate alone in the outside world.

In order to fight for living space, some radical demi people founded the "Firefly" organization, launched a series of revenge actions against humans, and conspired to establish a new order dominated by demihumans.

In the face of the declining urban ecology, the police and military departments urgently set up a special countermeasures service section, which the outside world calls the "secret service section" criminal investigation department.

The Secret Service is mainly composed of professional human agents, and each agent is equipped with several demi-human assistants to fight against the increasingly rampant demi-human criminals.

As a special agent in the special service class, you will encounter endless complex cases, encounter powerful enemies that are difficult to fight, and even face time and time choices between humanity and conscience...

Sir, your assistant has been assembled! Waiting for your arrival!

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"Tomorrow City" official group: 979239619

For more information, we will pre-announce in the exchange group, so stay tuned~

The capital of tomorrow
Hossam Galal

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