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War factory

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"War Factory"-the first instant mobile MOBA competitive mobile game

[Sino-French joint development of fresh and simple painting style] Ultra-fresh paint world, the cutest mini soldier, artistic quality from France!

[Unique line-drawing mode, easy hand-painted control] Large panoramic battlefield map, single-finger sliding screen to draw lines, free hand-painted any team, easy control of formation!

[30 arms melee and rare special forces for you to choose] Gatling, Lasers, Bomberman, Pyro, 30 mixed arms gameplay, strategic combinations, exciting PK!

[Rich strategic levels to refresh the offensive and defensive limits] Dozens of offensive and defensive level maps, strategic warfare continues to upgrade!

[Multiple competitive modes, fast-paced real-time PVP] 1V1, 3V3, friends online, multiple real-time competitive modes for you to play!

War factory
Hossam Galal

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