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Frontier disputes

Frontier disputes

By: 麒麟爱米游戏

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"Border Disputes" is an ingenious real PVP action strategy game, referred to as A-SLG.

-The beautiful picture of the game, like an oil painting, will take you into an unparalleled epic magical world.

-Different from traditional SLG, it is possible to visualize each hero and soldier to complete a variety of battles without losing the strategic gameplay, and even every skill and attack are detailed. The arcade-like operating feel is combined with the strategy mechanism of the strategy game, allowing players to burn their brains while enjoying the fun of fighting.

-Up to 40+ mercenaries can be hired, more than 70+ types of enemies and BOSS, and neutral creatures to be recruited to be explored by the player, and a large number of maps for you to explore.

Featured gameplay:

1. Assemble your own mercenary group, choose the role to hire for the mercenary group, and form a formation to form a troop. Strengthen the mercenary group and use the rewards from missions and wars to buy props or hire new units to strengthen the mercenary group.

2. Participate in various missions & wars, challenge plot missions, or enter into a PVP invasion or defense war after entering into a contract with any one of the countries.

3. Encounter system: In the battlefield, with our actions, the enemy forces also start to act at the same time, and when they encounter at the same place, they will enter the battle. The number of actions in the battle is limited, and the level must be cleared within the limited number of rounds. It is up to the player to decide whether to pick up the treasure chests and resources on the roadside.

4. Formation system: Players need to choose 4 people from the hired units and battlefield props to freely configure them in a 3×12 terrain to form a formation. After entering the battle, use this formation to start the battle. In addition, various devices can be set up on the battlefield. Including first aid kits, guardrails, magic weapons, siege equipment and traps, etc.

Abundant PVE, real-time PVP competition, stunning graphics, and powerful battles!

Friends, come together in September!

Frontier disputes
Hossam Galal

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