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War and glory

War and glory

By: G.O.A.T Games

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"War and Glory" is a game for mobile game players who are keen on brain-burning strategy. It supports multi-player simultaneous online war strategy brain-burning masterpiece.

Game features:

Featured heroes with invincible skills!

Choose a variety of heroes at will, special skills to give the enemy a fatal blow, release skills at critical moments to destroy opponents, and the arena shows its skills against other players!

Variety of arms, collocation and combination!

There are four arms of humans, demons and beasts, which can be combined with each other, mining, hunting, siege, and battle for castles... Lead your troops to the throne together!

Strategy is the top priority, IQ is crushed!

Plan offensive and defensive strategies, command troops to fight, and change tactics step by step, bringing you and your allies a different experience!

Fight for the holy city and play triumph together!

In the battle of the Holy City, in the end, only one alliance can be crowned the throne and receive the admiration of thousands of people! Only the real overlord can play the triumphant triumph of victory!

War and glory
Hossam Galal

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