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Ultimate showdown

Ultimate showdown

By: 终极对决制作组

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Announcement on the end of the second test

Thank you players for participating in the second core gameplay test.

During this period, we have received a lot of suggestions and comments from players and friends, we are very grateful!

Your support and opinions are the biggest driving force for our progress. We will work hard to make the game more fun step by step.

There are still many problems in the game that need to be improved and resolved.

We decided to end this test at 16:00 on February 18, 2018.

We have collected a lot of valuable modification suggestions, and will provide a new version to everyone as soon as possible.

The next test will start again in a short time!

Thanks again everyone! Wish everyone a prosperous Year of the Dog!


"Ultimate Duel" is a multiplayer team fighting game.

--feature of product

1. One game can be completed in three to five minutes:

In 4V4 mode, the maximum time for a game is 5 minutes.

Generally, it does not need to reach five minutes to end the game.

Within five minutes, the first party to reach 100 points wins.

2. Combat methods with certain fighting characteristics:

Attacks in battle will cause the opponent to be injured and stiff.

Players need to use position, basic attack, and shield to perform basic combat behaviors.

Combine defense skills, displacement skills, floating skills, nirvana skills, violent gas and other advanced operations for combos and games!

3. Each hero's unique skill moves:

The characteristics of each hero's moves are quite different.

Players need to flexibly use the unique characteristics of the hero for the strongest combo.

Each hero is different in terms of combo ability, output ability, defense ability, and team function.

Some are good at heads-up, some are good at team battles, some are good at team support, and some are good at grabbing points.

To understand the characteristics of the heroes you use will greatly help you to play an advantage in the game.

4. Gameplay to grab points:

In a 4V4 game, you can get 3 points for killing, 7 points for scoring points, and even higher points for destroying the Tower of Force.

Grabbing points will also give players a powerful battlefield buff.

In the game, in addition to fighting each other, players need to use map resources to win!

--The current version is the core gameplay test version. Recharge is not open.

--The number of heroes available in the current version: 22 (need to purchase in-game currency)

--Game mode

4v4 qualifying

1V1 qualifying

4V4 Friends vs. Friends (Qualifying results are not recorded)

1V1 Friends vs. Friends (Qualifying results are not recorded)

QQ group number: 599517072 (additional groups also have gift packs, you can get them if you don’t have enough gold coins and diamonds!)

Ultimate showdown
Hossam Galal

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