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Tricky Pioneer

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All players participating in the game are trapped in a magical world. All kinds of magic not only exist in the magic cards, but are also scattered on the game map. Each movement of the player may trigger the corresponding magic. Players on the game’s turn can move by throwing dice, or use the magic cards in their hands to release magic to prick their opponents or protect themselves. What’s more interesting is that as long as there are suitable conditions, most of the magic in the game can be used. Form a magic chain. And advanced players who learn to calculate and make good use of the magic chain can use various unexpected methods to play with their opponents in applause, and allow themselves and their friends to reach the end and win the victory.

The fun of this game is not limited to magical battles between players. The game contains dozens of different characters—their difference is not only in appearance, but in that each character has its own unique ability: some can strengthen or resist a certain type of magic; some can Get an advantage at the beginning; some can provide protection for teammates; some can even interfere with the opponent's judgment, and so on. There is both mutual growth and mutual restraint between these roles. Should they give priority to suppressing opponents or assisting teammates? Every time a different choice is like a flap of butterfly wings, a unique brainstorm is set off in every game!

Tricky Pioneer
Hossam Galal

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