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Tribal glory

Tribal glory

By: 游戏墓地

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Tribal Glory: Magic War is a light strategy casual card game.

Players can freely match and fight with online players by selecting 5 different types of cards and combining them into a team. The team contains five positions, which can be freely configured including melee soldiers, mages, archers, bombs, catapults, cannons and other different types of arms. The combination of positions constitutes the team's combat power and combat strategy, and players will get points rewards for fighting between them.

Playing the treasure chest in the vault: Open the treasure chest in the vault to obtain: gold coins, gems, and cards. If the player opens all the treasure chests within the time limit, then they will gain the treasury experience, and when the experience points are full, the treasury will be upgraded. The treasury level upgrade can unlock the corresponding new card, as long as it is unlocked, you can get it from the card pack purchased in the mall.

Dungeon: In this mode, players will face powerful BOSS. The current tests include: Unicorn, Elemental Messenger, and Black Dragon. If you defeat it, the player's team will get a corresponding increase in ability. Defeating the highest-level BOSS can also unlock the BOSS card.

Card attributes: Each card has different qualities, which can be upgraded to increase the attributes.

Tribal glory
Hossam Galal

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