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Mercenary duel

Mercenary duel

By: 光树游戏

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"Mercenary Duel" is a European medieval style strategy PVP game. Players play real-time battles on the chessboard of the nine-square grid. The basic rule of the game is to make good use of their own three-way up, middle and down formation, combining offensive and defensive battles, and the battle process is unchanging. Test, the aftertaste is endless, try it now!

***About the game***

"The Mercenary Duel" continues the design concept of mainstream TCG gameplay. It has made micro-innovations in the battle scene of Jiugongge, and designed a variety of exciting skills for hero skills and mercenary cards.

***Game Features***

1. Real-time battles between players.

2. Players collect cards, develop tactics, and build their own lineup.

3. 42 kinds of mercenary cards, to create cool illustrations, and also have proprietary skills.

4, 4 big lords, different hero skills, show the lord's power.

5. 3 minutes per game, non-stop playing anytime, anywhere!

The battle process is intense and exciting, and the win-loss transition is in the blink of an eye!

Welcome to join the official QQ group (439928330) to share your happiness with everyone.

Mercenary duel
Hossam Galal

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