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Time Travel Agency

Time Travel Agency

By: 时光工作室

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"Only those who are selected have the right to choose"

No one knows what "Time Travel Agency" is, a company? An organization? A person? Or-a piece of god.

Most people have only heard some legends about them sporadically-"Time Travel Agency" likes to choose its own guests and let his guests make various choices. These guests who make their choices will eventually fly to the top or die in the abyss.

Of course, no matter what the result is, there is always something to be paid.

Some people who claim to be "survivors" talked:

They used Gatlin to compete with Guan Gong

They used to wear gold saints to attack the sand in the legend

They brought the devil fruit to the ninja world

They let the brilliance of fighting spirit shine throughout Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


You won't believe these nonsense—no one will believe it.

Until one day, you opened your eyes and found that you were in a crystal clear and wide space, with no one around, only the sound that seemed to come from the horizon that kept circling in your mind.

"Welcome to Time Travel Agency"

"Only those who are selected have the right to choose. You should be honored enough to be selected."

"Now you have two choices"


"Or, conquer"

Everything exists in time and space. Our goal is to bring everyone where he wants to go, whether reality or virtual, past, present or future. ——Time Travel Agency

[Game Features]

"Time Travel Agency" is a very special roguelike game. We have added some very interesting designs to the original rogue mechanism, bidding farewell to the traditional rogue-like reaction and construction test, trust me, it and everything you have seen Roguelike games are all different.

[Innovative gameplay, victory requires "opportunity"]

One master will bring more followers, play coordination, play fetters, and play routines

3*5 three-row innovative battle formation layout, the same lineup, different position relations, combat power characteristics are also different

Integrated into the chess general mechanism, you can directly win by defeating the opponent leader, and more battlefield changes and routines

【Infinite Flow World View】

"Time Travel Agency" will bring you the past, present and future coordinates of all the present or virtual worlds, allowing you to have a splendid and splendid time and space adventure

You can compete with Guan Gong with Gatling in your hand

You can wear the golden holy clothes to attack the sand in the legend

You can bring the devil fruit to the ninja world

You can let the brilliance of fighting spirit shine throughout Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


[Build a follower, play with fetters and routines]

Mechanic, Elementalist, Necromancer, Commander, Beast Tamer, and many professional systems, once unlocked, they can be used freely in the exploration of another world, but the rationality of the combination must be considered. Can't do it.

[Interesting Space-Time Laboratory]

You can never guess what those rats are tinkering with in the laboratory. They can use all kinds of samples collected during your journey to develop pieces of jaw-dropping scientific research results.

I have every reason to believe that if you give them a dragon ball, they dare to give you one-seventh of the dragon.

[Combination of stand-alone copy and online battle]

Allow players to record the most peak state in their Ruoglike copy, and use this state to compete with other players

Time Travel Agency
Hossam Galal

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