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Throw a ball! Letter War!

Throw a ball! Letter War!

By: 成都嘉谊互娱科技有限公司

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Arrested or arrested? Come to "Throw a Ball" and experience the super fast and refreshing battle in a three-minute round!

"Throw a Ball" is a fast-paced casual competitive mobile game featuring exquisite pixel style. The battle situation is changing rapidly, and the transition from the 4-player chaos in the beginning to the 1v3 asymmetrical competition is between the electric light and flint! You need to compete with 3 other opponents for the letter ball, evolve and transform, and finally win the game!

→Fast-paced chaos in a three-minute round, which can be called a weapon to pass the time

→New gameplay! Asymmetrical battles from each to 1V3

→ Team up to play black or score points by yourself? You can choose from a variety of modes!

→Exquisite horizontal scroll pixel painting style, just need a glance to fall in love with it

→Unique heroes with different styles and skills are still being updated!

The award-winning game "Fantasy Twins" team worked hard to create, let's feel the charm of casual competitive games together!

Throw a ball! Letter War!
Hossam Galal

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