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Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

By: 阿达游戏

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The most humanistic strategy game of The Three Kingdoms, the mobile version of the orthodox Three Kingdoms game, and the genuine sequel of The Three Kingdoms 2013.

The PVE mode in the game adopts the orthodox Three Kingdoms siege gameplay, with a high degree of freedom, unifying Huawei’s first vision at this stage; the PVP mode uses the AI big map in the game for the first time, and a single map can accommodate up to 1024 players at the same time. Attack and plunder.

The game emphasizes war strategy and greatly weakens the boring internal affairs system. With military as the core, the siege battle adopts the 4VS4 military commander turn-based mode, rich in skills and full of strategy.

There are as many as 784 historical figures in the game (the game with the highest number of appearances in the Three Kingdoms game), including Zhao Yun's master Tong Yuan, Li Jin who rides Lv Bu alone, and Hua Guansuo of Qianli Xunfu's father can be obtained in the game.

If you want to play a pure SLG strategy game of Three Kingdoms, then don't hesitate, the Three Kingdoms is your best choice, download it now and start planning!

Special Note:

1. When Xu Shu asks you for 100 ingots, don't refuse, so Xu Shu will go to your account and won't actually collect 100 ingots.

2. Zhao Yun of Chengdu can challenge him after his ability improves. If he can defeat him, then Zhao Yun will be included in the account immediately (if he is defeated, Zhao Yun will go to Xiangping within 1 hour).

3. The position of the lieutenant general of the team can only be occupied by a character who has been a monarch in history. It can provide a comprehensive bonus to the various abilities of the team (such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, etc., it is good to put Liu Chan on the star) .

4. In the early stage, head to the northwest of Tianshui. Conquer Ma Chao can greatly increase your strength, but this route is more difficult, and all members of the team have a chance to be equipped with crossbows.

5. In case of a vine armored soldier, it can be quickly broken by a fire attack; Menghuo will flee after the capture of Yunnan, and after seven captures and seven strokes, Menghuo and Mrs. Zhurong can be obtained, as well as the barbarian treasure.

6. Da Qiao: I hope that one person will treat slaves sincerely.

7. Xiao Qiao: Xiao Qiao's future husband must be a great hero!


This is a product that can fully bring the glorious Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Overlord's Mainland, Zhuge Kongming Chuan, Yingjie Chuan, and Quying Chuan experience on the game console.

If you compare the many Three Kingdoms games on the market to the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, then the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the Kingdom of Shu. The strength is not the strongest, but it is the royal orthodoxy and the most humanistic charm;

If you compare the many Three Kingdoms games on the market to the martial arts sect, then the Three Kingdoms is Shaolin. Kung fu is not fancy, but it is the authentic Xuanmen, which can reach the essence of the Three Kingdoms one by one.

It can be said that Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a real Three Kingdoms game. Only the Three Kingdoms theme can be used for such games, and such games can only be made into the Three Kingdoms theme.

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the heroes came together, and the waves scoured all the heroes;

More fun, waiting for the king to attack, used to watch the autumn moon and spring breeze!

Three Kingdoms
Hossam Galal

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