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Three Kingdoms Fantasy Continent

Three Kingdoms Fantasy Continent

By: 广州灵犀互动娱乐有限公司

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The high-value card king, not as handsome as a powerful player!

Gorgeous fantasy reconstruction of the Three Kingdoms, opening a magnificent epic scroll of troubled times. Palace-level art quality, every detail is polished to the extreme, and the heroic romance is reproduced.

There is more strength! Multi-dimensional gameplay breaks through the shackles of traditional cards, giving you a new experience that can be used and cultivated with zero loss.

Little general, come on this trip to the Three Kingdoms that breaks through fantasy!

[Drawing the Three Kingdoms ingenuity to polish a hundred generals]

Combining fantasy and history, creating super-high-value images of the Three Kingdoms, following allusions, and ingeniously restoring the details of the characters

Returning to the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms, the famous general Shen Yun suddenly appeared!

[Swordsman by the father of eccentric hunting]

Japan’s top music producer, "Monster Hunter" music father Tetsuya Shibata and Yoshino Aoki lead the soundtrack production

Immersive plot enjoyment, reproduce the original sound of the battlefield in troubled times, the temperature of the Three Kingdoms is at your fingertips!

[Sound and immersive top dubbing interpretation]

Gathering domestic first-line voice actors, Wu Lei, Zhao Lu, Li Yuantao, etc. gave their voices to interpret the thousands of people and thousands of generals of the Three Kingdoms

Travel through the ages and indulge in this auditory feast together!

[The three armies of handsome talents are unparalleled]

Breaking through the inherent rank restrictions, all generals of the system can be advanced, and unpopular generals can also dominate the battlefield

Know how to make good use of, what you like is the strongest!

[Wisdom Wushuang low-level counterattack god general]

One-click exchange reduces resource loss, cross-border fetters break through the shackles of camps, and unique gameplay lights up more possibilities

Use tactics flexibly, match teams cleverly, and break through levels!

Three Kingdoms Fantasy Continent
Hossam Galal

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