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The way to dive

The way to dive

By: 绯核工作室

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background story:

In 2035, when science and technology are advanced, world peace was broken by a mysterious wormhole. Since the "hole" was unearthed, governments of various countries have been anxious about its influence, and they have been eyeing the resources "below". In the face of the dangerous "Unknown Continent", very few investigative troops from various countries can return it. Elites from all over the world, following the call of "dive action", rushed to the scene...


Innovative game rules: a combination of roguelike + deck building + shooting game! A new way to get out of the boat that you have never experienced!

Cute and charming art style: magic jungle, desert, orc tribe, snow mountain experimental area...Huh? How did they appear in a game?

Bizarre strategic choices: choose the best weapon and deck to cooperate, choose the most powerful growth route, and explore the endless upper limit of combat power!

The difficulty of the game that smells like that: brutal and ferocious monsters are teasing your reactions and decisions all the time. Use technology to conquer them!

The way to dive
Hossam Galal

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