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King comes

King comes

By: 上海寸累

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"Arrival of the King" is a "hardcore" galgame with a heavy plot oriented. It has currently written over a million characters and will soon launch some of the content for players to get a glimpse of it at a glance. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Although this is the second work in the "Ji Mo Lian Ji" series, it is also a brand new work. For new players, there is basically no barrier to entry. Old players can also find familiar characters in the game.

In the first work, Ace, who has lost his memory, wakes up, learns about his life experience in the process of making friends and fighting, and finally defeats the evil goddess.

In this work, the player still plays the protagonist Ace (the name can be replaced). Because she inadvertently rescued Litan who claimed to be Ace’s sister, the fallen queen Litan, after experiencing a series of events, Ace finally decided to help Litan regain the throne and embarked on a journey to "The Brave Continent" Rotinia.

Here, he will pass through various countries with different cultures, and get acquainted with all kinds of "braves" and beautiful girls among them, and rely on the bond between them to fight against the attacks from the "devil apostle". What is the true identity of the Demon Apostle? Is Litan really Ace's younger sister? And what is the inextricable relationship between Ace and Rotinia? A brand-new continent, a broader adventure section, and a richer interactive plot for beautiful girls are all in "The King Is Coming".

In addition to the plot still being written by the original screenwriter of "Ji Mo Lian Ji", in terms of gameplay, we will also inherit the first "abandon krypton gold card drawing, brainless drawing" mode. Not only will strategic battles be integrated into the plot, new designs will also be added for unit restraint, skill effects, etc., with more exquisite CG and vertical painting, and music full of Japanese RPG flavors, and strive to bring players better Play experience!

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...Wake up.

Ace! You wake up!

Get me back on the battlefield quickly——!


...Is this voice again?

Woman: "I couldn't help you, sorry, my elder brother."

When I opened my eyes, I saw the woman who was my sister in the past.

Demon Lord: "...When the battle is won, I will definitely come to pick you up."

Woman: "Well, this is our vow! I will always...wait for the arrival of the elder brother!"

Demon Lord: "Ah...I will keep this vow."

The above is a dream.

Litan: "Get up soon! Brother!"

Ace: "It hurts, wouldn't it take you to wake people up so rudely?!"

And here is reality.

Litan: "It's not because the elder brother suddenly fell asleep. There are a lot of official duties waiting for you to handle!"

Ace: "...Speaking of which, as the demon king on the continent of Alistan, why would I have a human sister?"

In the past, I had a bond with all kinds of people on the Eilistein continent.

Litan: "Hey, why do you suddenly doubt Litan's identity? The elder brother is undoubtedly Litan's elder brother."

Now, I have come to the continent of Rotynia, known as the "Continent of the Brave", and travel to various countries on the continent to assist Litan, who is a holy king and daughter——

Avalon, the kingdom of the elves.

Gao Tianyuan, the country of speech.

Tai Chi Taoist country that advocates immortals.

The old republic of magical technology power.

The closed dragon country Yuktra Hill.

Also, there are also many mysteries of Saint Olympus, the holy country.

In those places, how will the fate of me and the "sister" next to me change?

King comes
Hossam Galal

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