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The light of tomorrow

The light of tomorrow

By: 盛讯游戏

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"The Light of Tomorrow" is a turn-based two-dimensional mobile game. The popular Japanese voice actor invites to help out and is a powerful painter. Create a boutique Japanese-style mobile game.

The story takes place in the apocalyptic world after a large number of meteorites hit. With the meteorites, the alien virus spread rapidly, and a large number of people became monsters due to the infection. The surviving humans finally decided to use the final weapon ``Extermination Hammer'' to try to destroy all the monsters.

Unexpectedly, the attack not only failed to completely eliminate them, but also caused some monsters to change, and began to use all kinds of weird special abilities to attack humans... And among the infected, there are also a few humans who have many various abilities. These mutated humans are called "Survivors", among these survivors, there are also individuals with powerful abilities, and they are called "children of tomorrow".....

[Game Features]

--Apocalyptic theme, turn-based RPG mobile game,

Take the end of the world as the main plot, mainly "plot", "battle". "Explore" to lead players to understand the background of the story. The game has a rich combat system, each task has its own exclusive skills.

--Picture style

Two-dimensional image quality, high-reduction scenes.

Live 2D technology allows players to have a better fighting experience.

-Variety of weapons. Combat combinations freely match

A rich and diverse weapon system, according to the needs of players, a variety of combat combinations, characters have their own exclusive skills. Experience a variety of gorgeous kill effects.

--Super-luxury voice actors lineup (listed in no particular order)!

Contains voice actors such as Minaguchi Yuko, Kishio Daisuke, Miyazaki Kanbu, Kuwashima Houko, Nakai Kazuya, Nonaka Ai, Akahane Kenji, Kokufu Tamariko, Shiraishi Ryoko and other voice actors as voice actors. This game will also invite Shiraishi Ryoko and Nonaka Ai to create the game. Exclusive theme song.

The light of tomorrow
Hossam Galal

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