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Ruins War Hymn

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-Free and smooth battles

Players can use more than 10 kinds of swords, battle axes, shields, staffs, totems, spiral blades, etc., with more than 50 different weapons, each with different attributes and skills. All weapon combos can be continued freely and enjoyably.

-Randomly generated rich content

The game integrates Roguelike elements, and the environment of each adventure is regenerated. Choose different weapons, props, attributes, and buffs according to different environments. The battle strategy is endless, and the adventure experience is always new.

-The ultimate next-generation picture

From the solemn and solemn city of a thousand bells to the gloomy twilight mound, the rich and varied scenes, the exquisite light and shadow, clouds and grass effects, bring the mobile gaming experience to a new level.

-A real world of witchcraft

The world of ancient people is a world where reality and fantasy are intertwined, full of mysterious and unknown powers everywhere. The Ruins War Song is dedicated to restoring this feeling. The game story takes place in a dream world that is also true and illusion. The longings of the living, the memories of the dead, the lost beliefs and the unknown fears are all gathered here. Similar to "Dark Soul", all weapons, props and tributes have detailed item descriptions to help you restore the truth of this world.

-One-time payment for unlimited play

The game adopts a buy-out system, except for paid DLC, it is guaranteed that no in-app purchase content will be launched.

Ruins War Hymn
Hossam Galal

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