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The Legend of Mandora

The Legend of Mandora

By: 雷亚游戏 Rayark Inc.

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He opened his eyes in the mist and found that he was being watched by a group of white and fat strange creatures.

"Brave No. 1 million who came to the Ivorian continent, please help us restore the balance of the power of the original colors."

A fat white creature with a white beard put his face in front of me,

Speaking of these confusing lines.

Only then did they discover that these creatures had small leaves on their heads that looked quite soft and easy to touch.

and so on! Why do my brave men rank so behind? Where are the previous 2,999,999 brave men?

And what are these creatures that call themselves Mandora?

An expedition to regain the original color power magic, and the encounter with the strange heroes kicked off.

The Legend of Mandora
Hossam Galal

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