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The Law of the Dragon

The Law of the Dragon

By: 神韵工作室

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The evil dragon awakens and the war is coming again!

Assemble more warriors, the world needs you to join!

Ride the dragon, travel through the sky city and secret ruins, experience crisis and adventure!

More than 50 super-large adventure copies, new QTE gameplay, 360-degree vast and unlimited geographical space, unfettered free gallop, passionate fighting competition, passionate PK battle, free-wheeling development system, and smooth and efficient interactive communication, which are comprehensively constructed. Epic Western Magic World. The darkness has not yet dissipated, the light is coming, the battle horn has sounded, awakening your sleeping soul, inspiring your inner restlessness, heroes gather, and fight for glory and power!

●Innovative gameplay, bid farewell to homogeneity

Abandon the monotonous skill system, and create your own exclusive skill routines with hundreds of runes.

Luxurious configuration, console version of QTE match battle!

●Innovative battle, the revolution of the screen

Three protagonists, dual weapon system, follow your own heart to choose a career that suits you~

Execution skills, execute monsters in one go, pursue a strong sense of blow, never stop!

● Magnificent plot, movie quality

Professional script creation allows you to be immersed in the abyss continent!

The camera technology reaches the host level, and each character has his own soul.

●Various ways to play, bid farewell to boredom

Story-driven gameplay, bid farewell to single, bid farewell to push pictures;

Guaranteed vivid copy content and character experience!

●Personalized fashion customization, thousands of costumes can be freely matched

Abundant personalized fashion library, with thousands of clothing styles at will;

●Fair competition and social game environment

Fair play, strength PK.

There is a warm social life, friends from all over the world form a group to open up wasteland.

The Law of the Dragon
Hossam Galal

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