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Dark Emblem Awakens

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"Dark Emblem Awakening" is a tough, dark-blooded mobile online game with the theme of national warfare. Players play the role of disciples who descended from the hermit sect in the game, making contributions, and competing in the story of the Central Plains. The game is guided by national warfare. Players in the game cooperate with each other and fight with rival players. No brothers, no game!

1 Featured PVP system

"Dark Emblem Awakening" has a variety of different ways to play in PVP. Through the combination and operation of rich skills, players can quickly experience the passion of battle, and there are also large-scale national battles. Experience the thrill of large-scale group battles with countless players. His brothers siege the city together, fight passionately, dreaming back to the past.

2 Rich daily gameplay

In the daily life of the game, there are a wealth of activities and copies for players to experience. On the one hand, they can satisfy players’ pursuit of equipment and items, on the other hand, they can enhance the interaction between players and other players, promote personal social relationships, and achieve the effect of building the game world. .

3 Diverse BOSS copies

The game has a wealth of BOSS gameplay. Players can fight with individual BOSS alone or challenge wild BOSS with other players. The rich BOSS gameplay satisfies the players' desire to challenge, enhances the interaction between players, and embodies the essence of playing treasure to the greatest extent, allowing players to continuously improve themselves in the challenge.

4 Easy operation

Convenient functions such as automatic path finding, automatic combat, and flying shoes appear, allowing players to easily integrate into the game during the game experience, get rid of cumbersome operations, and save more time and energy.

Dark Emblem Awakens
Hossam Galal

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