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The last hero

The last hero

By: ThoseCoolGuys

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Followers of the Way of Heaven,

At the moment you set foot on Vidaya, I think you are fully awakened.

My name is Soidios, I come from Chaos, it doesn't matter if you call me a demon, you call me a king, and you call me a god.

Yes, three days ago, it was me who destroyed the civilization you call Jill. Destroying the most proud civilization on this continent, to me, was just as casual and simple as a blink of an eye. Some of you short-sighted , Call it the doomsday, dominated by fear, and I, what I give is hope and salvation, and give you the "Tao" again. You may not understand that there is a "Tao" in everything, and all things follow the "Tao". And your civilization is the greatest contradiction among all things in the universe, and your doomsday will eventually be created by you.

You have never thought about why everything in the world, only you, who claim to be the most intelligent creatures, have endless greed, plunder and wars. In the land named Jill, stupid people constantly test the limits of "Tao", constantly spy on the realm of gods such as firearms, machinery, and alchemy, and use them to kill dissidents. The land named Xingluo and Silva Shang also continued to draw magical powers frantically. This is the saddest thing about your intelligence. You seek strength because of your weakness, create greater danger because of strength, and seek greater strength again because of danger, until you push yourself to destruction.

When God bestows wisdom on you, what he most wants you to learn and follow is what you have forgotten. It is the "Way of Heaven." Weak and stable, strong and fragile, this is the "way of heaven", and man is also irreversible. Abandon the civilization and society that you are proud of. For this reason, I have opened the door to the battlefield of heaven, recast order and rules, and ask you to fight for yourself and die for yourself. The king is no longer a king, a pawn is no longer a pawn, and all beings are equal. And I will be at the end of the path of heaven, waiting for the last hero among you.


The last hero
Hossam Galal

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