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The head is too busy

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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The head is too busy is an Otome to the ancient story mobile game

The villain wants to gain favorability, a counterattack journey of the poor boss

Featured copy of the male protagonist, from solving the case to escape to horror, the male protagonist is good at different things and will take you to experience different things.

Save problem children NPC, their future is controlled by you

Every time you choose, it may be spread into various gossips by an organization

Go bravely, girl!


By chance, you were summoned from time and space to face a battle of extermination without knowing your strength.

And the head of his incarnation has no good clothes, no heart-warming disciples, only a broken courtyard and a notorious villain in the rivers and lakes...

I heard that far away there is a strange master who has abandoned you and discredited you, and there is a demon-possessed senior sister Bai Lianhua in the near future.

I can't selectively bind a professional sluggish beast with its own leverage attributes. I am not in a hurry to retrieve it, missing more than half of its body, but it is exhausting to worry about Amway, you, the handsome guys of the seven major families in the world.

Looking at the fact that all the forces in the arena are totally negative for your ruined sect, you, born under the red flag and growing in the spring breeze, silently missed the cat from afar.

Even if the body you are passing through has its own bad luck aura, and you get tripped on walking and choked on drinking water, there are not a few handsome guys you know. Ren's iron-blooded and straight man, Su's ghost is sad, Tang's little wolf dog, Hua's drama master, and the old pufferfish leader who has a bad hair.

—No, no, I don’t want to be a man of the world. I’m so persuaded, so weak, and not talented. I just want to quietly build this poor school, recruit more disciples, save some money, and fulfill the original owner’s wish. Go home to find my cat.

Passerby: I saw it. The ghost that has troubled the town for three years is that she hasn't left even a single scum.

Passerby: I have seen it too, that handsome hero was carried away by her when he was drunk.

Passerby C: I saw it too, and even our girl was fascinated by her heroism.

Passerby Ding: It's really scary. That day, Young Master Yong was ranked in the top three because she started the Asura competition and made headlines.

#A buddhist and righteous you accidentally met the world's most beautiful cub, and from then on the strength of the force has gone to the top of the whitewashed life#

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The head is too busy
Hossam Galal

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