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Synthetic small town

Synthetic small town

By: Yezh Studio

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[Here is a lightning protection tip! Please be sure to read the developer's words before the game, you can help you answer many questions! 】

"Synthetic Small Town" is a cute, easy-to-play mobile game for building a simulated city. You will be the Lord Mayor and build a prosperous metropolis from scratch in a small 20-tier city.

As long as two buildings of the same level are combined into one, new buildings can be unlocked continuously, and continuous income can be obtained. The easy synthesis can not stop at all!

In addition to unlocking a variety of cute buildings, designing unique buildings, there are also pixel-style cute citizens waiting for you to meet~

[Synthetic gameplay, easy to get started]

With a single stroke, the building is synthesized, simple and magical~

Unlock 40 stores with different styles and build a prosperous commercial street

It's cool to share a house for a while, and it's always cool to stay together!

【Building construction, meeting residents】

Renovate the building to obtain the residents of the town, each of them has a strange personality waiting for you to unlock

Nearly a hundred kinds of decorations are available to create a unique building layout, and the talented designer is you!

[Planning town, efficient construction]

Upgrade landmarks and technology to make your town more efficient

There are also airship gift packages falling from the sky, and all kinds of free gifts are soft!

[Limited time carnival, diamonds can not stop]

Compete with other players in the carnival

Compare who is the first-class park builder~

Synthetic small town
Hossam Galal

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