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Shushan Magic Sword Record

Shushan Magic Sword Record

By: 星罗云布工作室

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[Story of Fairy and Demon Game]

"Shushan Magic Sword Record" is a strategic war chess game based on the war between the sacred realm of Shushan and the ancient demons. Players will play the role of Shushan disciple Han Yunchuan who is in danger and will gather Shushan Wufeng monks and Taihao royal elites to start a final battle with the ancient demons.

[The Five Elements of Complementing Each Other]

Gold, wood, water, fire and earth constitute the five basic elements of the land of China. The five elements can grow and restrain each other. Each character needs to perform more effective offensive and defensive actions according to the five elements of himself and the enemy in order to achieve a complete victory.

[Variously matched equipment]

Abundant equipment matching system, hundreds of pieces of equipment, each piece of equipment has a different effect, more reasonable matching equipment according to the characteristics of the role, to help you pass the test and be invincible.

[Teammates with different abilities]

More than ten controllable teammates, dozens of skills can be used in combination, and various tactics can be developed according to the enemy's formation and level goals, so that every powerful teammate can be fully displayed.

[Levels with changeable terrain]

The terrain of each level is different. It is up to you to use your teammates' position to pull the monsters ingeniously to let the enemy fall into your trap, or to be hard-headed and kill the enemy without leaving a piece of armor.

Shushan Magic Sword Record
Hossam Galal

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