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Sword and glory

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[Sword and Glory] is an innovative formation formation, 3D battle scenes, multiple PV system, global action card RPG game of the same server, here is a duel of power and strategy, the collision of passion and blood; strategic planning, decisive battle at your fingertips !

main features:

--The formation of new formations, away from the training of multi-hero upgrade equipment.

--New operation mode, 3+2 formation replacement, autonomous control of the hero of the protagonist.

--Real-time matching, real-time battle, fast competition and refreshing battle!

-Free collocation of attributes, skills and talents, you decide whoever is strong in strategic planning!

- Guild friends, field battles to capture the flag, team battles, diverse social networking waiting for you to experience.

--Epic background, grand setting, walk into the plot and take you to feel the love, hatred, and bloody wind of heroes

--More peripheral brain hole gameplay, waiting for you to discover

Hold the sword in the world, dare to be a hero, survive for protection, and fight for glory!

Sword and glory
Hossam Galal

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