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Summoner is War

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"Summoner Wars" is an original boutique game based on western magical themes and integrating real-time competition, card development and tower defense. Exquisite original paintings and scene design, gorgeous and cool fighting skills, nearly a hundred original heroes, and the thrill of real-time competition can all be experienced here! What kind of surprises will the unique original gameplay, summoners with different styles and the infinite combination of nearly a hundred heroes bring?

[Game Features]

Real-time PVP, strategy game

Real-time battles are about to start! Collect your heroes, form your strongest summoner alliance, and fight against players from all over in real time. Summoners, are you ready?

Touch screen operation, free combination

With just a finger click, the heroes are dispatched and the skills are cast in one go. The skill release timing and target are perfectly combined. With richer strategic choices, the battle situation is controlled in seconds.

Collecting and training heroes, the fun of continuous growth

There are three major races, six major occupations, and multiple summoners with different styles are available for selection. Try different team combinations, develop tactical genres, and win surprisingly. The unique talent tree and skill settings allow you to experience a different training and growth experience, and lead your heroes to dominate the top of the arena!

Original gameplay, subverting traditional stereotypes

The original horizontal screen combat gameplay that integrates real-time competition, card development and tower defense. Experience the exciting battle without losing the strategy and psychological game. Different summoners match various heroes, subverting the traditional game experience!

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Summoner is War
Hossam Galal

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