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Super war

Super war

By: 东品游戏

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In the vast universe, there are various powerful forces hidden. Want to take risks? We must welcome the baptism from them! Defeating powerful monsters, plundering abundant resources, customizing combat strategies and selecting troops based on different terrains, this is the real way to victory!


-Strong Mecha x Vigorous Monster

A stylized character designed by Yoshitaka Amano, an army of angry zombies, invisible ninjas and dinosaurs with special skills, please lead them to tear the opponent's line of defense and crush the enemy!

-Turn-based strategy x real-time arena

Brand new turn-based war chess gameplay, create your own exclusive deck, in the real-time arena, whether it is a storm or outwit, there is only one final ending: either you do your best to obliterate your opponent, or you are ruthlessly slaughtered by your opponent!

-Global match x 5 minutes per game

Discuss tactics with global war chess masters, create your own battle circle, learn the latest and strange styles of play, and fight a "cosmic level" war anytime, anywhere!

-Battle mode x continuous update

Start battles, win treasure chests, fair and exciting tournament duels, constantly updated cards and game modes, full of fun, and bring you endless fresh experiences!

[Game Features]

-Yoshitaka Amano character design X Nobuo Uematsu's game soundtrack!

-Stylized Mecha Element X The battle flow is dynamic!

-5-10 minutes of each round of battle X strategic brainpower extreme battle!

-Many characters with distinctive personality, X unique special skills!

-Global real-time competitive X looking for real turn-based strategy masters!

Super war
Hossam Galal

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