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Chessboard battle

Chessboard battle

By: 聚变工作室

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Three great joys in life: "Have money to spend", "Someone loves", "Have a house to live in"!

However, is it an exaggeration to let me build such a big city directly?

Setting a small goal and earning it 100 million turns out to be true!

Also, if you love her, you will bully her, it's so weak! Here, love her to blow up her house! !

[Game Features]:

>>>Build a city and fall in love with someone (what's wrong???)

Throw a dice and earn it 100 million. The distance between you and the horse·Not interested in money·Dad’s wealth is only 100 dice!

Building a business empire? Leading the financial war? Too low-end! What you need here is to build an interstellar metropolis with billions of dollars!

>>>If you love her, you must drive a fighter jet and bring a rocket to bomb "her house"

How can you be a good friend if you don't? Bring a bunch of props to your friend's house to "smash, smash, and rob"!

By the way, the rocket launcher is definitely an indispensable weapon for "deepening friendship", or it's not bad to run directly in front of the other party and beat it in darkness.

>>>When people sit at home, disaster comes from the sky. Practice 100 ways to resist hurting friends

The mentally handicapped friend who came to make trouble at home all day is here again! Bury thorns and mines with an explosive force of 10 miles, and then strengthen important buildings!

Let him come over with a smile this time, and go back crying!

>>>Brain hole breaks through the sky, 200 catties of interesting characters!

Luxury car MM, fresh meat brother, Li Lei and Han Meimei, giant shark, superhero, Meihu husband...

What character do you want to "jump" in front of you, just say it!

>>> Be what a city designer should do

Is it a city street extending in all directions, or a dreamy and beautiful glacier valley

Is it a blue sky and white cloud Ferris wheel, or a desolate desert pyramid

As a high-end urban planner, how can you not have this decision-making power?

>>>Let the immutability go to hell, it's heartbeat!

You never know what the next piece of chocolate will taste...oh no, you never know what will happen the next time you throw it!

Life is full of surprises because of accidents, isn't it?

So, if you roll the dice again, do you jump to the coffee shop or to the station?

Chessboard battle
Hossam Galal

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