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Super Placed World

Super Placed World

By: eyeah

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"Super Idle World" is a casual game of placement + synthesis + simulation management. Tapers, you are about to create your own piece of world, and eventually...out of the city and out of the earth...

【game type】

Leisure, leisure, play anytime, anywhere!

【Game Operation】

Simple and simple, just slide your finger!

[Fun upgrade]

2 in 1? Fixed promotion?

No, no, building N in 1, you can combine it as long as you can do it!

【Strategic Planning】

Just simply hang up?

NoNoNo, "Super Placed World" bid farewell to the previous single-line synthesis mode. Various buildings should be placed reasonably in a limited space, and you need tappers to plan!

【Simulation business】

The prices of merchants and the market fluctuate at any time. Tappers, if you want to be a successful operator, you must seize the business opportunities you encounter!

Super Placed World
Hossam Galal

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