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Sun cram school

Sun cram school

By: Gemini Star

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Simulation operation:

How to use the initial funds to promote, recruit students, rent classrooms, and expand the scale step by step. The next training king is you!

Numerous facilities, free to build:

There are 20 buildings with different functions in the game. You can build them freely. Some buildings can be upgraded to open other buildings. The effect will be more obvious after some buildings are upgraded.

Various random events:

The game contains events such as math competitions, language competitions, English competitions, mid-term exams, and final exams. You can gain prestige in these events and further enhance your teaching staff. In addition, there will be various random events outside the school, which will have an impact on our operations.

Adjustment of student mood:

Students will encounter their own troubles. How to make them adjust their moods and learn better requires us to communicate more with students and help them solve problems. When the students are in a good mood, they will increase the probability of improvement during class!

Free schedule:

How to make good use of your own teachers to schedule classes and maximize your income will be a very good topic. You must know that sometimes automatic class scheduling can't solve all the problems, or you need to manage it yourself!

Regional hegemony:

There are 9 districts in ***. In order to grab more and better students, we need to conquer the whole city through debate competitions, increase our popularity and reputation, and let better students and teachers join.

Intense entrance exam:

There will be joint exams every week. We need to lead the students to stand out in the 5 levels of joint exams and win the championship of the top league!

Sun cram school
Hossam Galal

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