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Labyrinth (beta)

Labyrinth (beta)

By: 娱乐至上

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This is a roguelike game! ! !

This is a roguelike game! ! !

This is a roguelike game! ! !

The important thing is said three times. As we all know, most roguelike games are completely cleared of death (such as dead cells, classic roguelike such as Isaac), but the death of the maze illusion is only durable after losing equipment.

The Android device must meet the following requirements at the same time to be able to experience the game normally, otherwise, the game may not be normal, such as crashing, freezing, etc.

Android system version: 8.0 and above

The storage space is 8G and above, and the running memory is 4G and above.

arm processor: arm64 bit

Support OpenGLES3.1 extension pack

The 3D third-person Roguelike action game uses different weapons, rings, combat skills, transformation abilities, talents, forging synthesis, etc. to build exclusive character abilities.

Killing a boss in the game has a chance to get a boss’s transformation weapon, which can be transformed into a corresponding boss to fight. When encountering an NPC in the map, you can choose to hire as a follower or kill to obtain equipment and money.

Labyrinth (beta)
Hossam Galal

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