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Strange Detective 2

Strange Detective 2

By: 魂动

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In the London afternoon in October, the air was slightly cold, but the thin man at his desk was sweating profusely. A nightmare pulled his thoughts back to the past. Shipwreck, lover, murder, and things that I didn't want to remember all appeared.

Lilia: "What's wrong with you Arthur? Sweating profusely..."

Smok: "Huh... had a nightmare... recalled some unpleasant past..."

Lilia: "I hope you've been relieved, after all, it's tea time."

Jingle bell... Jingle bell...

Smok: "Well? Anonymous line?"

Anonymous (husky): "I have had a kidnapping case here. The address has been sent to your email address. Don’t ask who I am. You come by yourself and don’t call the police. Otherwise, you don’t even want to get a penny of compensation. ."

Smok: "Kidnapping? Remuneration? I'm sorry, I don't lack money at all. And I don't like being directed, so goodbye."

Anonymous: "Wait! I didn't make a joke with you. Even if you tell the police about this, they won't believe it! Because the other party is not a human at all!!!"


Smok: "Wait what do you say?!...damn it!"

A mysterious anonymous call led the strange detective to another abyss, but isn't all this just right?

—— Brand new system, case proof allows you to be a real detective!

——Scene details, fully upgraded to grasp the details of every murder scene, otherwise the truth will miss you.

——In-depth plot, fun decryption is still the same taste, but there are more ingredients~

This upgrade adds a detailed novice tutorial, a rich and complete plot, and various detailed and interesting cases. Of course, we retain the exhibits, atlas, and multiple endings. A chapter is added on the basis of the first part. Yes, you read it right, and you don’t have to start from the beginning to the end again. ~

Strange Detective 2
Hossam Galal

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