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Hot-Blood Ultraman, the Flying Man of Light

Hot-Blood Ultraman, the Flying Man of Light

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The well-loved official Ultraman mobile game is here, and many well-known classic characters are all on the stage. Together with your friends, remember the Ultraman we chased and the little monsters we played in those years! The six Ultraman brothers imprinted in our childhood memories: Jack, Ace, First Generation, Zoffi, Seven, and Tyro. They are brave and fearless red race fighters with superb fighting skills. The M87 ray to win in one hit, the fierce Severn kick, and the amazingly powerful beam of light; call friends to create a blood alliance; fighter cooperation, original man-machine cooperation combat gameplay, let you easily hunt down universe monsters! When you were a child, it was your heroic dream to become an Ultraman; now, you will fight side by side with Ultraman to save the universe! Let us become the Ultraman who protects the universe together, and implement the spirit of Otter!

Official genuine blood gathering

Classic IP, official authorized license, and many classic character coefficients are on the stage, restore the plot to bring you back the memories of childhood heroes!

Exclusive skills are coming

Exclusive skills for individual characters, light tricks to win in one blow, classic transformations with high energy throughout the process! Conquer little monsters easily and implement love and justice!

Invite friends to challenge strong enemies

Invite friends, team up to challenge Ace Killer, Patton, Baltan and other powerful enemies in the universe, and enjoy the fun of multiplayer collaborative battle with your friends!

Fighter Summoning to Guard the Satellite Cloud

The original fighters cooperate to help the game play, and the free strategic allocation of multiple attribute fighters allows you to fly your childhood heroic dreams and keep the satellite cloud peace!

Hot-Blood Ultraman, the Flying Man of Light
Hossam Galal

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