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Starry cat cute

Starry cat cute

By: 积木塔科技

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You will play the role of a salted fish who has lost his dream, and one day you come to a beautiful and peaceful world. A talking cat tells you that the shaky small building in front will be your place to change your destiny. What exactly is it? It was actually transformed into a homestay and run by you.

At first, you didn't have much motivation. But the constant emergence of all kinds of guests, the secrets of the mysterious other world all make you gradually curious...

The official Q group for player exchange: 293236561

"Game Features"

1. Placement management: collect furniture and customize the decoration of each room, open a store to welcome every guest

2. Passenger story: continuously update the story, experience and process of each guest from stranger to friend

3. Wonderful main story: a long main story that is not inferior to word games, with multiple protagonists appearing in turn

4. Collecting and controlling heaven: furniture, dishes, stories...Hundreds of collected elements are really addictive

Starry cat cute
Hossam Galal

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