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Q will Three Kingdoms

Q will Three Kingdoms

By: 刀锋工作室

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Game introduction:

"Q Will Three Kingdoms" is a casual competitive game with the story of the Three Kingdoms as the background. The game adopts a round-robin mode, with a stimulating character image, dozens of famous generals with different skills, hundreds of dazzling skills, and thousands of different combat genres can be arbitrarily matched. There are also rich interactive gameplays such as real-time team dart darts among players, fun interaction with friends, martial arts tournaments, arena matches, qualifying matches, Three Kingdoms Contest, etc. It is easy, fun, and the best choice for RP competition. It is very high to play alone Play with friends to get higher!

[Four leading stars]

The four main protagonists are stars, each with their own weapons and skills, each with their own unique weapons and skills, and their talents are different, satisfying all your thoughts on role-playing!

【Collection of famous generals, genre matching, and fun lottery】

Dozens of famous generals are waiting for you to summon, each of which has different skills. Thousands of combat genres with different characteristics can be arbitrarily matched, and there are prize draws. Free strategy is super brain-burning, and no brainless krypton gold game is rejected!

【Who will fight for hegemony in the Three Kingdoms】

The Three Kingdoms Tournament is a classic SLG gameplay that supports thousands of people participating at the same time. Every participating player can play a role, avoiding the embarrassing situation of low-competition players. Every player can play his own role, and everyone is a hero.

[Classic Chicken Escape Survival]

Support the battle royale gameplay with four hundred people on the same field. You can also run the drug circle, enter the final battle, and feel a different battle royale.

[Fun social interaction, super fun to pass through the ladder]

Real-time team dungeons, visits and comparisons, fun through levels, wonderful battle video sharing and other social gameplay with friends, it’s not as good as everyone’s pleasure!

[Full server athletic competition]

A series of PVP games such as martial arts tournaments, ring games, training grounds, etc. provide you with the opportunity to compete with various heroes, stimulate and burn your brain!

Q will Three Kingdoms
Hossam Galal

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