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Space Cycler

Space Cycler

By: Manacell

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The super fun tunnel shooting game, the single player is fun and the two-person cooperative mode is fun, you must not miss it!

----- Game awards -----

◆ 2017 The First International Action Game Awards China (IMGA China)-Honor Award of the Jury

◆ 2016 Kaohsiung Game Week Indie Game Festival-Best Game Design Award

◆ 2015 Tokyo Game Show-Sony PlayStation sponsored independent game exhibits

----- game introduction-----

Alien invaders have occupied our planet, and only the bravest pilots can penetrate into the enemy's territory and completely wipe out the evil aliens. Come and fight side by side with your friends and drive the space fighter to destroy the alien invaders!

----- Game Features -----

◆ The unique "tunnel shooting" is super fun!

"Space Cycler" is a retro-style fighter shooting game that takes you to relive the unique circular orbit shooting gameplay. You will control the fighter plane to fly in the tunnel at high speed to meet the incoming enemy from the front.

◆ "Two-person cooperation" is more fun!

You can also play with friends. The two-player cooperative mode is where two players control their fighters on the same device to fight the enemy together.

◆ Rescue teammates!

In the two-player mode, you can even save a teammate on the verge of death, so that he can return to the battlefield; but your bodies may also collide and rebound with each other, be careful not to harm your companions!

◆ Play with one hand!

Especially designed for one-handed play, you only need to slide a horizontal slider left and right to enjoy the game all the time.

◆ 3 types of fighters and exclusive tricks!

The game contains 3 types of units to choose from, each type has different weapons and great tricks!

◆ 5 levels and 10 boss battles!

There are five levels in the game, including enemies and big bosses with various unique attack methods, making the shooting game no longer just a bullet game~

◆ World Friends Ranking!

The game supports the Game Center leaderboard and achievement system. Log in to your account to compete with players from all over the world or your friends!

Space Cycler
Hossam Galal

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