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Song of Spark

Song of Spark

By: 欢乐狗工作室

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"Song of Sparks" is a 3D turn-based card battle mobile game with apocalyptic theme. You will become a commander and lead the "fire" girls to build and defend shelters and rescue those who survived. Work together to fight against the evil forces and the world's final monster-"Heart Eater", and gradually reveal the truth behind the destruction of the world.

In the form of increasingly scarce earth resources, mankind began to use advanced technology to set foot in outer space in search of development, but what it brought back was the seeds of disaster. Space immigrants brought the unknown radiation source back to the earth. During the research process, it spread for unknown reasons. The affected people mutated rapidly and spread wildly. The highly developed human society was quickly annihilated and extinct, replaced by countless "heart-eaters" wandering among the buildings.

"Heart Eater"

Crazy monsters that mutate from human infection and radiation, lose their minds and act only by instinct, are highly aggressive and contagious to humans. Some variants even gained superpowers, which are very destructive.

"Fire Planting Project"

Use immature methods to allow volunteers to mutate while protecting and suppressing mental breakdown, so as to gain the ability to resist the mind. But the kind of fire created by this method will lose memory, and mental instability is common. Although a very small number of volunteers did not acquire strong combat capabilities, they retained a stable spirit and mind. They were trained to become fire commanders-"fire bearers".

And you will become a member of the "fire bearer", leading Sanctuary Zero: Camelot's "fire" girls to build their homes and fight the end of the world. Look for the survivors and the natural "planting fire", look for the hidden truth, look for the way of salvation in this world.

Gather the power of "planting fire" to fight the end of the world——

Disintegration and survival, dedication and redemption, are you ready to reconstruct the future with the girls?

[Game Features]

"Free Development"

Dozens of team members can be cultivated at will, which can improve their combat abilities and cultivate their goodwill. Each team member has their own independent plot. With the improvement of their favorability, they can learn about their unknown stories, and they can also interact with them so that their favorite moods can be passed on to each other.

"Camp Construction"

There is no intrigue, no disputes over resources, only the hope of survival, this is a new safe zone. Build defensive facilities to resist the threat of intruders, train team members to clean up the surrounding area, remove all unsafe factors, improve the security of the camp, and strive to create the strongest safe zone.

"Free Exploration"

Each time you explore, you will encounter a different route, and each time you choose to move forward, you will encounter different events. You may encounter a group of monsters, or you may gain some living materials. Every choice determines the success or failure of exploration, but our ultimate goal is only one, to end the leader of this region and return home safely.

"Strategic Combat"

On the basis of turn-based combat, skill sets are formed by eliminating skill grids, and combined with combat strategies and tactical designs to complete level challenges of different difficulty. Each role has its own unique abilities, and a reasonable combination of your own roles is the key to victory.

There are also a variety of accessories and equipment, each of which has different combat attributes. The team members use different combinations of accessories and match various combat strategies to easily win.

Song of Spark
Hossam Galal

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