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Sky Island Genesis

Sky Island Genesis

By: 黑白熊工作室

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Dear adventurers:

The paid file deletion test of "Sky Island Genesis" will end at 21:00 on June 12, at which time the server will be shut down and the test data will be cleared.

I have to bear the pain of being separated from everyone for the time being. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic participation and positive feedback, which helped us collect many questions and suggestions, and many optimization ideas have emerged. In the next period of time, we will devote all our energy to the development and optimization of the game, and prepare a version that will make everyone more satisfied as soon as possible. Your support is our greatest motivation. Once again, I sincerely thank all adventurers for their support and tolerance of "Sky Island Genesis"!

Official Q group: 934314883

Role-playing with high degree of freedom, can be upgraded without fighting monsters

【High degree of freedom】

Freely choose to collect, produce, and explore, and you can upgrade even if you don’t fight monsters.

【Building an airship】

Hundreds of accessories can be assembled freely, please stay calm when you see the strange airship.

[Explore the unknown]

Drive the airship, open up the route, and explore the mysterious empty island that appears randomly.

【Open World】

Day and night change, the seasons change, every flower and tree are useful.


Work with your teammates to perform their duties and control the airship to meet the enemy.

Sky Island Genesis
Hossam Galal

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