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Sirila Story

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Minasan, oh ha yo, this is Neko, Neko, the exclusive NPC for Sirila. The planner is sick, so Miao Jiang came to receive the warriors and inform the current critical situation.

The world is in chaos.

The original world is a bright world inhabited by humans, witches and others [Grimgar]

The dark land where goblins, orcs, dark creatures live [Elimgar]

The godless land where deceased undead creatures known as the forgotten lived [Darumgar]

One hundred years ago, the King of the Light World discovered the energy pool of the God of Light, and summoned many creatures from other worlds who lost their memory. By injecting energy, they can become war forces like Berserker. People call them "magic men." The Senate was also specially established to create a more perfect war machine.

But after an accidental explosion, the energy of the energy pool was scattered all over the world, and the veterans and the test subjects suffered heavy losses. The few perfectly fused test items survived.

The most perfect demon guinea pig drifted to the Godless Continent, losing control and creating a second personality, commanding the Forgotten, and attacking the nearest Dark Continent. People feared the disaster he brought and called him "Lord of Death". But the energy pool was scattered, and with the consumption of energy, the cruel Lord of Death fell into a deep sleep.

After the Lord of Death disappeared, the ruled army also began civil strife and withdrew to the godless world. The elders of the Bright Continent took the opportunity to start the energy pool recovery plan, and the creatures of the Dark Continent were also competing for their original residence.

The experiment named Bafeng, as a surviving demon, returned to human settlements, but he was not accepted and could not integrate well with humans. He was a lot of squeezed out and could only survive in the border of the mainland. area. Ba Feng gradually had hatred, hated this experiment, hated this world. When Ba Feng found out that he also had terrible destructive power, the first thing he did was to plan revenge, take revenge on this unfriendly world, and rule everything.

However, the energy pool that has been silent has recently begun to recover and has brought you. Conspiracy and war have swept the world. Warriors from another world, are you the last hope brought by the God of Light?

Sirila Story
Hossam Galal

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