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There is a place shrouded in mystery-a tea house. There is a girl living in the tea house, a person who has been studying spiritual arts in the tea house since he was a child with a mysterious master sound master. She can see through the past, present, and even the future of everyone in the world. She can take you across different countries and regions. And if you want to get this magical journey, you don't need to pawn life, soul, wealth, or health, just a tear. A sincere tear can find the fate of the past life and resolve your catastrophe in this life...

[Game Features]

------Love matching system: Journey to the rivers and lakes is no longer lonely!

"Destiny" provides a special love matching system in the game, according to your requirements tailored to find only your soulmates! In addition, the unique affection system allows you to have a beautiful grand wedding in the game. From then on, the two love each other and travel together in the beautiful rivers and lakes. Not only that, the baby system makes the bond between you deeper and deeper, and the birth of your baby allows you to experience the bitterness and sweetness of being a parent.

------Home system: a warm harbor for a family of three!

The home system of the game, as one of the most novel gameplay, provides you with the warmest harbor for a family of three in the game. The mechanism by which both parties in love can live together makes the homeland full of warmth. After fighting in the rivers and lakes, build a unique house together with Qingyuan, decorate the scenery of the home, and the scenery of the courtyard.

------Eight specialty occupations: full-time skills are constantly changing!

The game provides players with four initial professions, passionate warlocks, brave and fearless assassins, cold and beautiful musicians, and calm and arrogant rangers. After reaching the required level and performing the task transfer, it is divided into two and eight occupations. Warlocks are converted to Yin Yang and Yuliu, Assassins are converted to Shadows and Puppets, musicians are converted to Le Ling and Luthier, and Rangers are converted to Swordsmen. And Qixing. Different professional combinations create infinite possibilities, and the battlefield is unpredictable, and who will win or lose is only a matter of thought.

------RPG real-time battle: break through the traditional gameplay and enhance the game experience

The battle system of the game adopts the RPG real-time battle system. The game is exciting and interesting. The characters contain multiple attributes: life, physical attack, physical defense, magic defense, hit, block, crit, toughness, break, break resistance, anger, battle Rich and interesting, brilliant and colorful skills, the game is more relaxed and entertaining. During the battle, "Destiny" also showed more random features, and the battles were diverse and rich.

------Rich friends system: team up and fight monsters easily

In the game, the friend system provides players with a lot of benefits, so that the player's journey is not lonely: friends can team up online, and friends can team up offline, making it easier to download copies and increase the friendliness. After establishing the above relationship with players, not only can you set up close friends, but you can also achieve social achievements and obtain titles and rewards. In addition, the game allows players to set up discussion groups, which meets all the players' communication needs.

------Pet System: Innovative pet battles make you no longer alone

The pet system combines real life needs and gives players a pet that is similar to domesticated pets in life. In addition to communicating with other players in the game, players can also have a pet they like. They can interact with cute pets on the main interface, feed them, and accompany the players at all times. In the game, players can improve the pet's abilities through some settings in the game, or modify the pet's name, and can also improve the growth of the pet to obtain more gorgeous upgraded pet appearances.

------Unique map: high-energy restoration, immersed in the ancient majestic architectural environment!

The territory in "Destiny" is very large, providing multiple maps and numerous copies for players to explore, and each place has its own unique characteristics. There are the extraordinary Qin Dynasty Xianyang City, the grand and simple Dayi Shang, the majestic Tang Dynasty Chang'an, and the remote and deserted Ming Dynasty borders, etc. The buildings in each place are built according to the characteristics of the dynasty, allowing players to be on the scene.

Hossam Galal

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