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Silver Wing

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Entering the 21st century, a highly developed alien civilization "Reach" arrives on Earth!

They attacked cities and enslaved humans ...... The human federation army was losing ground because of the technology gap.

In desperation, the Federation announces a breakthrough in Factor Fusion technology, and the Killing Angels born from Project Killing Angel descend on the battlefield, turning the tide of battle!

Lead your squad of blazing angels in a belly to belly situation and fight for the future of humanity ......

"Argent Wing" is an action roleplaying game that you can interact with beautiful gun girls!

Game Features

【Developing + Idle, easy to increase level】

Base management, side missions, multiple ways to earn experience, and easy access to high-level experience

【Mainstream engine to create personalized characters】

Based on the Unity engine, battle girls are fighting in the post-apocalyptic world.

Young girls, Loli, Lady...there's always one that you'll love!

【A real social experience...Friends are also partners】

Continued romance with the characters through friendships and text messages and eventually a sweet date hand in hand!

Real dating experience, heal your body and mind while playing the game~!

【Free to battle with multiple game modes. With deep strategy combinations】

Daily action, world replica, endless mode. Use different combinations of lineups to conquer obstacles and challenge various ways to play!

Silver Wing
Hossam Galal

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