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Hunting Night

Hunting Night

By: 千乎游戏

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``Hunting Night'' is a business simulation + action ROGUELIKE game.

Players will become the owners of a legendary bar, make drinks and meals, operate a storefront, and develop hunters, weapons and pets. Go to another world to hunt evil spirits and get food with the hunters who are full of personality.

Let's build the most famous bar and train your own ace hunter!

Game features:

Starting today, this bar belongs to you~

⭐Operate your own store, make drinks, decorate the storefront, and make the store full of popularity!

⭐Freely decorate your storefront, define the world with your style

⭐Prepare drinks, entertain guests, listen to memories and interesting events, and explore the plot.

Every adventure is a new journey~

⭐Go to another world~ hunt for food and explore new and exotic animals! Conquer powerful enemies with the most handsome combat posture!

⭐ROGUELIKE exploration journey, rich random events allow thrills and surprises to follow.

⭐Various and strange beasts, waiting for the brave to challenge.

Every weapon has its own soul~

⭐A variety of hunting weapons can be matched freely, and each weapon is a brand new experience!

⭐Low growth rate, no strongest weapon, only the strongest hunter.

⭐Each weapon has an exclusive skill, switch weapons to fight as you wish.

Every emotion is a different monster~

⭐Conquer, incubate, and domesticate exotic animals, let them be your good hunting helper!

⭐Obtain alien beast eggs from hunting, each pet has its own characteristics.

⭐Incubate hundreds of different animals and wait for surprises.

Different events will happen all the time, and the world will change because of you!

Hunting Night
Hossam Galal

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