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Shining queen

Shining queen

By: 火羽游戏

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The queen of singing, honors herself, but she is trapped in prison, and even victimized by people around her.

Just like this for a lifetime

No, not reconciled.

Fortunately to live a lifetime again, the life-threatening foe of the previous life, your lost reputation and status, all have to be regained!

Game features

----Enriched storytelling and narration of the entertainment industry

If you live a life again, you have to settle the hatreds of the previous life one by one, and you have to recapture everything you lost in the previous life.

How will you gain popularity step by step, overcome the shadows, and become a new star on the stage again.

-----The stars gather together and the stars are dazzling

Tsundere young master, black-bellied Zhengtai, proud eldest lady, snake exquisite person, black-skinned cold singer, Erhafu second generation, idol stars with distinctive personalities gathered together, accompanied by exquisite paintings, sparkling different lights.

-----Live broadcast competition to create a popular live broadcast room

Fighting eloquence, face value, singing skills, and acting skills.

Enhance the popularity of the live broadcast room in an all-round way.

----- Two lines go hand in hand to chase the dream of celebrities

Film audition, fashion positioning, C position competition.

The road to dream, the contest between popularity and traffic, and compete for the top-ranking throne.

-----Immersive experience real celebrity experience

The accumulation of popularity starts from the event.

Various star concerts, celebrity announcements, variety show dreamworks, and fashion nights all create an immersive celebrity experience.

Shining queen
Hossam Galal

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