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Mini Pixel Ranch (beta)

Mini Pixel Ranch (beta)

By: 扑家工作室

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Lovely pixel style!

You can enjoy the management game of ranch life with just one screen!

Easy to operate, just move and use props!

◆Game Introduction◆

Today, you took over your uncle’s small pasture. However, the pasture has not been managed for a long time, and there are weeds everywhere.

You will bring the pasture back to life through your own hard work.

◆ Ranch Place◆

Place a square timber field on the ranch and you can raise small animals!

You can raise lambs, calves, and pigs to make your ranch lively.

◆Wild Animals◆

Depending on how lively the ranch is, there are often cute wild animals.

Such as the clever fox and the soft bunny

Entertain them and fill up the illustrated book to increase your friendliness.


Place a lodging area on the ranch, and there will be guests.

Depending on the animals and facilities placed, the guests will vary.

Constantly upgrade the accommodation facilities, let more guests come to visit the ranch!


You can put the farm produce produced in the farm for sale, and customers will buy it every time.

In this way, coins can be obtained quickly and facilities can be upgraded.

◆Picture Book◆

The picture book can record all farm animals, wild animals, guests and various fish information

The goal is the full picture book! Try to collect it!

Mini Pixel Ranch (beta)
Hossam Galal

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