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Sakura Story

Sakura Story

By: 朱笑月

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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story background:

In the early days of West Asia, ghosts and monsters were rampant. The center of the Sakura Continent built a huge ninja academy to train ninjas to resist ghosts and teach various ninjutsu and secret skills. The heroine Sakura was selected to enter the Ninja Academy for training when she was young, and embarked on a difficult and dangerous training journey across all corners of the mainland...

Game features:

Extreme refreshing action experience

Really comparable to the action game experience, attack, double jump, roll down, fast falling without leaking! The action design is meticulous to completely different attack speed and range.

Time and space shuttle to reverse the situation

Successful dodge in a dangerous state will trigger a time-space shuttle, completely stop the enemy, and score points calmly through time-space tearing, allowing you to experience the unique fighting fun.

Diverse personality ninja

Each ninja has its own unique design, or is good at killing, or good at stealth, or good at survival, skills are mutually dependent, and the growth of attributes is obviously different.

Create your own ninja

The weapon system will drastically change your skills and fighting style. With the right soul combination, the same ninja can also play your branch genre.

Difficult boss battle

In the intense and exciting boss battle, you will face a variety of different attack methods, how to use your ninja characteristics to target different enemies, when to counterattack, when to evade, and when to use skills to interrupt, you need to attack the boss. Every attack method is well understood and quick response.

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Sakura Story
Hossam Galal

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