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Jagged Glory

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The most realistic war game that restores the battles and scenarios of World War II! Under the real historical background, the player, as a commander in the three major factions of World War II, can command famous World War II generals such as Zhukov and Rommel to build their own towns and troops to participate in the high-degree-of-freedom alliance, Axis, and the Soviet Union. Real-time battles and large-scale army battles! Players can also experience various battle scenes in the real history of World War II in the game. "Iron Glory" is a highly operational, playable and interesting heavy war strategy game. If you want to defeat the enemy camp and get more resources to build your own troops and towns, commanders need adequate combat strategies. Command your own troops to defeat the troops and commanders of other camps one by one through war chess. Only in this way can you stand out from the cruel war.

Jagged Glory
Hossam Galal

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